MCT New Member Drive

MCT New Member Drive

Calling all MCT Members!

We're on a mission to grow our membership and help make Greenock Morton stronger! As owners of our club, it's our responsibility to ensure the club’s future on and off the pitch. The money MCT Members contributes makes a HUGE difference in supporting Dougie’s rebuilding of the squad and the continued growth off the field. 

MCT currently provides over £170k a year to the club and every members’ contribution makes a massive impact. 

For every 50 new members we can increase that by at least £6000 a year . MCT has provided the club with over £750k in the past 5 years and for that we are immensely grateful. 

Now, we're inviting you to help spread the word and bring in new members to join us on our mission to grow Greenock Morton and help support Dougie and all the staff at Cappielow. Whether they're die-hard fans or just looking to support their local community owned football club, all are welcome. 

If we all go out and promote Morton Club Together within the community, and every 5 current members manage to bring in 1 new member, we can provide the club with a minimum additional investment of £2000 a month.  

We have also had several emails asking how to increase your current contribution and in these tough times we are grateful for every pound we recieve. If you would like to increase your monthly contribution, you can do so by reaching out at . 

Let’s get out there and grow our club!

Together, we can drive Morton forward!