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Our vision is to contribute to the delivery of a viable, sustainable, successful Greenock Morton Football Club into the long term future, both on and off the park, for and with the Morton community.

Click below to securely set up your monthly contributions and immediately become a full member of MCT (Member T&Cs can be found below). Contributions will be ongoing on monthy basis indefinitely unless stopped by you.

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Gocardless and Your Privacy

Your monthly payments require the setting up of a direct debit mandate. This will be processed by Gocardless, the worldwide industry-leader.

When taken to the Gocardless website, where you will create your Direct Debit Mandate.  Gocardless will process this and forward the mandate to your chosen bank account for payments.

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Member T&Cs

Our membership T&Cs can be viewed by clicking the button below.
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    1.What is Morton Club Together ?

    a) Morton Club Together is a Company Limited by Guarantee including an Asset Lock ensuring all funding and assets stay within the company structure and cannot be used for any purposes other than those stated in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of MCT, registered and lodged at Companies House. No individual Director, Officer, Member or volunteer of MCT can ever benefit financially from the business of MCT. MCT is legally set up as a non-profit organisation. The Company Registration Number is SC635320.

    b) The current Directors of Morton Club Together are Gordon Ritchie, Graham McLennan, Stewart Framer, Ivor McCauley and Graham Barr. They are registered as Directors of MCT at Companies House and are legally responsible for delivering MCT. Directors of MCT are non-remunerated volunteers. It is expected that the Board of MCT will be grown as required. Directors of MCT work with the MCT Leadership Team of volunteers, from which Directors are selected.

    c) The Board of MCT and the MCT Leadership Team of volunteers share the fundamental objective of protecting and promoting the best interests of MCT Members. The Leadership Team will continue to support the Board in an executive and advisory role. Anyone who wishes to volunteer to help the Leadership Team is encouraged to do so.

    d) MCT has the primary purpose of serving its members and delivering the benefits and outcomes set out in these Terms and Conditions and facilitating financial contributions into Greenock Morton Football Club.


    2.Payment Specific Terms

    a) It is hoped that members will support MCT by committing to continue with their payments, however, Members are able to reduce or stop their payments at any time.

    b) Members are also able to increase their financial contributions if they wish.

    c) While members are encouraged to continue to pay their monthly contributions on an ongoing basis, any member who has paid a minimum of £240 over any 24 month period will be a full member of MCT.


    3.Special Conditions

    a) All votes on key decisions will be carried out on a one vote per member basis.  The board of directors of MCT has sole discretion in determining what constitutes a “key decision”.

    b) No Members of MCT should act in such a way as to bring MCT into disrepute. Membership may be revoked by the Board of MCT.

    c) As MCT grows and develops, these Terms and Conditions could be changed if the Board of MCT believes that this is required or advisable to enhance the outcomes and Member benefits that MCT can deliver. This process of improvement will include taking account of the ideas and suggestions of MCT Members. As appropriate, the implementation, or not, of any improvements could be subject to a vote of MCT Members.

    d) A special Membership category of Volunteer Member is available for anyone aged over 16 years who wishes to volunteer to help MCT and who cannot meet the minimum payment threshold (£240) to become a Full Member.

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