Feedback Loop

MCT has reinstated the Feedback Loop. This was previously in place, and was a key vehicle for members to raise questions or queries and have them answered by the club, or by MCT ourselves. 

The questions cover a range of topics about the present and future of our community owned football club. 

If you would like to raise anything that you'd like to see MCT provide an answer for, either by ourselves or by the club, then please email
  • Membership

    Based on the demographics of Inverclyde and comparing ourselves to other community owned clubs, we believe a membership number of between 1,200 and 1,400 is an achievable target. To hit that aim, we need to build on the good work of the past couple of years and start to work on the expanded proposition of MCT. Feedback is being taken from members, the wider fanbase and we're also looking and working with those other community owned clubs to get advice on how to best to engage the current membership and increase the number of members. 

  • Governance

    MCT is now the majority shareholder of Greenock Morton Football Club. We continue to work closely with the club board to put together the ideal processes and systems of accountability, but that shouldn't be confused with a lack of transparency, openness and honesty. We're moving in the right direction but things take time. 

    Our vision is for MCT to ensure that Greenock Morton become the benchmark example of community ownership, engaging and inspiring members and the wider Inverclyde community, and to provide support, assistance and act in the best interests of Greenock Morton.

  • Finances

    We said from the outset that it would take two to three years to break even and we have budgeted, including cash reserves, to do this while trying to get there sooner. As mentioned elsewhere, COVID has impacted us, like it has all clubs across the country, on a number of things that the club would like to do. 

    There is a contingency in place, which includes MCT funds. 

  • Football Operations

    The structure of the backroom function of the club is something that is constantly reviewed. One area that's been regularly queried is around a Director of Football or Sporting Director role. At the current time, this role isn't one that the club is able to create due to financial constraints, but it certainly isn't off the table in future. 

  • Club Operations

    Club General Manager, Chris Ross, is now in charge of the club on a day-to-day basis. He's working with the staff at the club to put together plans on improving the commerciality of the club along with ensuring the correct structures are in place to enable individuals to perform to the best of their abilities.

    The club, and MCT, have really strong connections with other community owned clubs to lean on them for advice, assistance and inspiration. 

  • Inclusive Club

    MCT is determined to make Greenock Morton a club that is inclusive and open to everyone. This includes things like, but not limited to, exploring the option of an unemployed gate, improving the atmosphere at matches for families and children and continuing to explore the ways in which Morton in the Community, the Morton Youth Academy, Morton Women and the football all become aligned and work much more closely together going forward. 

    We also want to do all we can to encourage diversity and ensure all aspects surrounding the club are as inclusive as they can be, from the board room to the terraces. 

  • Communications and Social Media

    It's taken time for new club employees to bed themselves into working at the club on a daily basis. The quality and quantity of content from the club so far this season hasn't been up to the standard that many fans would have hoped for post-community ownership takeover, in comparison with what came before. However, you'll hopefully start to notice that has been improving in recent weeks, with additional social media posts and website articles appearing alongside those functional messages that've taken priority in recent months. 

  • Cappielow Facilities

    The club board are continuing to discover a number of infrastructural problems around the club and are trying to resolve these will also maintaining the day-to-day operations of the club. There's no quick fix for some of these problems. 

    Improvements are limited due to financial constraints. Things like overhauling the Cappielow toilet facilities and making simple improvements to how they function cost considerable amounts of money. These are necessary improvements but the costs need to be weighed out and planned in. 

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