Members Say No to Conference League

Members Say No to Conference League

We gave members the opportunity to have your say on the Conference League proposal put forward by the Pyramid Working Group, ahead of a vote in the coming weeks.

A resounding 81% of members voted no to the proposal. This is a clear message regarding the integrity of the Scottish Football Pyramid. We will be recommending to the football club board that they vote no in the upcoming vote.

MCT's vision is to become the benchmark example of community ownership, and as part of that we believe that the way forward should be encouraging dialogue and engagement on the future of our game, with all stakeholders of it. This especially includes the passionate supporters of Scottish clubs.

This was backed up in a selection of comments from fans:

"As one of the few supporter-owned clubs, I would like to see the club try to be a leader in making reform to Scottish football - such as opposing this idea but also on changes to the poorly-designed Premiership playoffs, broadcast rights and the distribution of prize money."

"No overall benefit to the majority of Scottish professional clubs or national team. Does absolutely nothing to make the top leagues more competitive and would only encourage the top (Premiership) teams to pad out numbers of contracted players who are unlikely to contribute at a high level."

"I disagree with B teams of any sort at any place in the pyramid, and find this particular move abhorrent. I feel by taking a vocal stance on this, Morton could (again) become standard bearers for integrity within Scottish football and I would urge the club to act in this way."

While 19% of MCT members voting in favour may seem high to some, delving into the additional comments paints a slightly different picture to an outright a yes vote. In general, members who supported the Conference League were addressing the topic of league reconstruction rather than the introduction of B teams. A few comments below:

"There should be a more direct route into L2 for the Highland/Lowland league teams such as this conference league. But I do not agree with the B teams."

"Yes I agree with a 5th tier league. Don't agree with B sides being involved and would rather see league being filled with teams from Highland and Lowland leagues. The main reason for B team involvement is money so it is most likely that they will be part of any new league."

The next step will be for the football club board to discuss the proposal. To reiterate, we have provided them with a full report of members views and have recommended that they vote no to the proposal.

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