Advisor to MCT Board

Advisor to MCT Board

Founder of Morton Club Together (MCT), Graham McLennan, has been invited by the MCT Board to take on a newly created role as Advisor to the MCT Board.

The MCT Board believes that Graham being in this informal role will enable MCT, our members and the community MCT serves to benefit from the experience, learning and relationships that Graham has built up since launching MCT in April 2019. The role design and how it will be optimised takes careful account of Graham’s ongoing medical issues which forced him to decide to step down from both the Morton Football Club and MCT Boards last year.  

Graham continues to serve as an Honorary Director at Morton.

MCT board state,

The board are excited, honoured, and grateful to welcome Graham back in this new position as advisor.  We feel that the knowledge and experience Graham has gained over the last five years is invaluable to us as a board, and to the future of MCT. 

Graham added,

“I’ve had to find a new way to live since my brain tumour was diagnosed in 2020. This has created big challenges for the people around me not least my family, friends and colleagues. For me, not being able to do some of the things I want and help the way I would prefer is hugely frustrating. So while stepping down from both Boards was absolutely the right thing to do, my love and ambition for Morton and our community have never waned and never will.

Thanks to the kindness, understanding and efforts of so many people, I’ve been able to stay engaged with MCT and the Club, although not as much as I’d want. While that perhaps won’t change, if the MCT Board believe I can add some value by providing at least support, suggestions and advice then, within reason, I’ll do all I can to help.

A lot of people have put huge effort and resources into getting MCT and Morton to this exciting point. Financially alone, by the end of 2024, MCT members will have jointly contributed £750,000 to the Club since 2019. That’s on top of the many tens of thousands of voluntary hours also contributed by MCT members in the same period.  For what it’s worth, I’m not the only person who believes that this is the time for MCT members, as owners of the community assets we are custodians of – namely both the Club and Cappielow - to press on into a new phase of what we’ve always called “moving Morton forward.” For me the next logical key step is for the MCT Board to facilitate all members (currently over 1000 people) formally sharing their ambitions, wishes and priorities for Morton at large, through what should be a quick and easy process. This clear understanding ought then be used by MCT to focus effort and resources into doing all we can to deliver what MCT members want to see. A fabulous present and future for the community through Morton is within reach and we must grab it.”