2022 AGM Summary

2022 AGM Summary


A big thank you to those of you that attended our 2022 AGM either over Zoom or in-person at Cappielow Park supported by Dalrada Technology UK.

This was our first AGM as owners of the football club, and what an interesting and challenging first year it has been across the Morton Club Together and the football club board.

Gordon Ritchie opened the AGM by confirming that. He admitted that the MCT representatives on the football club board have “learnt a hell of a lot” in that time, and “most certainly have not got everything right, but [he] would like to think they’ve got more of the big things right than they’ve got wrong.”

We took over a club that was losing around £400,000 a year, so savings had to be made and an increased level of income had to be sought to bring those lines closer together. The matchday programme was scrapped this season, which was an unpopular decision that is being relooked at, and the Development Squad was disbanded, another difficult decision.

The Greenock Morton Football Club Board would like to place on record a correction. It was stated that the disbanding of the Greenock Morton Development Squad was an unanimous decision at club board level, this is in fact not correct. It was a majority decision at club board level.

The undoubted highlight of the past year has happened fairly recently. The Morton Club Together team played a huge role in identifying and securing the Dalrada Technology UK partnership. This is the largest independent partnership in the history of the club, and we hope it will be one that will continue to grow and develop as the years go on. The MCT and football club board will be collaborating closely with Dalrada on a number of projects to enhance many areas of the football club.

We hope that fans have been buoyed by this partnership, and also hope the fact it originated from the volunteers helping with Morton Club Together encourages you to want to step forward and help us out with all of the various projects that are currently ongoing or are in the early planning stages. We recently outlined the proposed pathway from the Main Stand, Sinclair Street and the Cowshed to the football club board, and we need Morton fans and MCT members to keep on coming forward to join that pathway.

Director Vote

We were delighted to announce on the night that three new directors, and one existing director, have been voted onto the Morton Club Together Board. David McCluskey, Brian Gillan and Jon Keen were voted onto the board, while Graham McLennan was successful in his bid to be voted onto the board for an additional term. 326 members voted in the election, the most votes we’ve had to date in a director election. Congratulations to Graham, David, Brian and Jon, we look forward to working very closely with you all going forward.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to thank Gordon Ritchie and Stewart Farmer for their dedication to MCT over their time as directors, as they step down from the board. Their hard work has helped us get where we are today and we look forward to continuing to work closely with them both in their positions as MCT representatives on the football club board.

Proposed Amendments to Articles

All proposed amendments to the articles were voted for by the members in attendance, and all were approved. Details are below:

1) Article 4.4


4.4a The approval of a General Meeting is required if the sale would result in the total shareholding in GMFC falling below 75% of the total share capital of GMFC. (For 90, Against 1)

4.4c In the event of MCT proposing the selling of shares of GMFC to another party, in line with the restrictions noted at 4.4, the extent of the total share equity to be held by proposed purchaser must be disclosed in full to MCT membership before seeking approval from a General Meeting of any share sale. (For 94, Against 0)

2) Delete paragraph 13.1 and replace with:-

Number of Directors and Methods of Appointing

13.1 The number of directors shall be up to a maximum of seven, but shall not be less than three, but the remaining directors shall have power to act notwithstanding any vacancies until the vacancies are filled. (For 91, Against 3)

Add the following paragraphs 13.3 and 13.4:-

13.3 The Board may include one or more Associate Directors. The Board shall determine the number of Associate Directors as they see fit and the method of appointment. The responsibilities of an Associate Director are limited and will not have the same responsibilities, voting rights at meetings or other abilities that are afforded to Directors of the Board. (For 87, Against 5)

13.4 An Associate Director may be removed from office at any time by the Board. (For 92, Against 3)

3) Article 16


(d) No fewer than 10% of members who are currently eligible to vote in a General Meeting submit a proposition in writing within a thirty day period (by postal or electronic means) that a vote be held, proposing the director in question ceases to be a director, and that vote, to be held either in person at an Extraordinary General Meeting or if other directors see fit by postal or electronic ballot, returns a majority of votes cast in favour of the proposition. (For 94, Against 2)

4) Article 23


23.1 A special general meeting other than an annual general meeting may be called if:

23.1a A written requisition signed by not less than 50 members or 10% of the membership, whichever is higher, is delivered to the company registered address. The requisition must state the purpose for which the meeting is to be convened. If the company secretary is not within the United Kingdom or is unwilling to convene a general meeting any company director may call a special general meeting. (For 94, Against 1)

23.1b A special general meeting called in response to a members’ requisition must be held with 28 days of the date on which the requisitioned delivered to the registered office. The meeting is not to transact any business other than that set out in the requisition and the notice convening the meeting. (For 94, Against 0)

23.1c The arrangements for special general meeting shall follow those for general meetings as detailed in the Articles of Association. (For 93, Against 0)

These amendments have been submitted to Companies House to update the MCT Articles of Association.

If you have any questions or queries don't hesitate to get back in touch by replying to this email or sending us one at any time to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you again to all members for your ongoing support.


MCT Board