MCT Update – 31st March 2021

MCT Update – 31st March 2021

As communicated previously, following our consultation where we received more than 500 responses, we were committed to returning to the negotiating table with Golden Casket based on your feedback.

We are pleased to say that Golden Casket reacted positively to this feedback and negotiations have progressed well.

Following further discussions, we are now in a position where a new deal is on the table that we believe will answer much of the feedback and concerns raised by members during the consultation.

As a result, we are currently in the process of obtaining professional legal advice on the tax implications of the new deal to ensure that there will be no negative long term implications to Greenock Morton.

Once we have this advice returned to us, assuming the result is positive, we will communicate full details of the new deal to members for a final vote on whether or not you wish community ownership to proceed under the terms.

The results of the consultations were not a surprise to us, and we are now confident that a deal has been negotiated that will appeal to fans and be in the best interests of the long term future of the club.

Alongside this final deal, we will also be providing a full update on the business planning MCT have been doing in order to prepare for community ownership.