MCT Member Update 21st April

MCT Member Update 21st April

We hope are looking forward to tomorrow's final home game of the season.

Over the last 24 hours, a couple of stories have come out that we have received emails and messages about, along with following the discussion and debate amongst members and supporters online.

Firstly, the vote on VAR. The club have provided the following statement on the issue:

“At the recent SPFL vote, we can confirm that Morton were the club who voted against the introduction of VAR. As a community owned club, fans are at the forefront of our minds and it is often felt that VAR has in some ways diminished the experience of watching games where it is used. In addition, although the financial aspect of the proposal did not directly impact the club, we felt that the financial investment required for VAR was something that we couldn’t support in the current climate.

However, there are undoubtedly benefits to the systems and of course one of those will hopefully be more decisions being made correctly at the top level. We fully support the democratic voting process that took place and will support the SPFL with the project in any way required moving forward.”

This was a club board vote. We appreciate that not consulting MCT members on this matter has caused frustration for some of you. We’ve fed this back to the football club board, and have discussed already at MCT board how we can ensure that we improve our consultation with members going forward. We will discuss this further at the next MCT board meeting next week. It is absolutely fundamental to MCT and our role in helping to change the way the club operates for the better.

We have also been contacted on a number of occasions about the Alba Party booking at Cappielow tonight and the club has provided the following:

“The Alba Party are paying the same rate as any other customer who seeks to book our lounges for a function. The club is not associated with any organisation that books the facility, other than ensuring that our terms of use are respected.“

Morton Club Together as an entity are not involved in day-to-day club operations, including the booking of Cappielow as a function space. As mentioned in the quote, neither MCT or Greenock Morton are in any way associated with any political party, and this is a booking that has been made through the commercial department of the club.

If you've got any questions at any time send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will ensure your query is answered appropriately.

Enjoy tomorrow's last home game of the season.


MCT Board